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July 14, 2015, In: British Columbia, Canada, Partners

Our drive to the coast was motivated by the 02x event, at Grouse Mountain.  A gruelling event to push people (in a controlled environment) to their absolute limit.  My job was to stoke the fire and inspire a sense of passion + perseverance = possibility to all the participants.  Or at least that was my intention.  No two talks are alike for me and this time I really wanted to change up the format of my talk to target this groups needs and to keep my story fresh.  Somewhere I lost my flow and started to ramble on about who knows what, the clock runs down and I am not half way through.  I pretty much black out, lose track of what’s going on and desperately try to stitch together the purpose of my talk.  Turns out the crowd enjoyed my story enough to stick around and ask questions afterwards.  Sweet.

Perception is a funny thing.  For me the talk was a total miss from the target I had set for myself.  The audience however was able to take away a variety of values I had come to share which is ultimately the objective for me.  Blah, blah, blah.

The event put on by lululemon & the 02x team proved to be an incredible outlet for many to expand their perceptions of what we are truly capable of.  Very SWEET.

Being travellers of opportunity we decided to stay in Squamish a few extra days to connect with old friends and new.  We (very randomly) ran into a very old friend of mine from the days of freestyle ski, he was on a sabbatical after finishing his PHD in exercise physiology. Ironically the KoURT jester of the team turned out to be one of the smartest of the bunch…DSC_0364Kurt has been incredibly supportive of my ski career over the years; a point proven by the pure joy radiating from his three beautiful daughters when they checked out the hardware from the games in Vancouver / Sochi.

Lacey & Bri (kurt’s wife) got on like two peas in an exercise pod.  They scrambled up the Chief (which was a check off the bucket list for Lacey), while the dads took our little ladies for a gondola ride to the top of the Chief and down memory lane.

After a few great days in Squamish and Whistler it was again time to pack up camp and make our way (further) west.  Destination, Victoria.  We’re pretty dang excited to park it on the island for the balance of the summer to collect ourselves, our thoughts and cultivate a plan for this fall and upcoming WINTER.

 With Stoke –

– The Duecks


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