Oregon (part2)

June 30, 2015, In: Oregon, USA

Before we started our trek north we had to break camp in Truckee, in the most dramatic of fashion.  Friday was our terminus at Donner Memorial State Park and of course my flight into Reno was delayed, then cancelled (i was away for work with SafeStart).  Which meant that Lacey and Nova had to shut down camp, pack the trailer and start driving…

Cue, holy shit moment!  It may have been the most intense day for Lacey in memory.  For me an overnighter in the airport is an inevitable travel tax.  C’est le vie.

Once we hit the road our first target was the fabled, ancient Crater Lake.





DSC00057We toured the lake, explored some waterfalls and watched in amazement with how in tune Nova is with the environments around her.  Master Nova is the greatest teacher; constantly reminding us of how rad stuff really is.

From Crater Lake we meandered to Bend to set up camp for a few days.  The highlight here was the drive to Painted Hills.  A natural phenomenon cultivated in some sort of dinosaur meets volcano explosion of science.  All I can say is that is was very neat, worth checking out.

JLN_0714 JLN_0724 JLN_0751 JLN_0760


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