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May 19, 2015, In: Oregon, USA

Breathtaking, mystical, charming, yummy, funny and not long enough!! These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of our trip down the Oregon coast.

On May 13th we left the comforts our home of nearly 10 years in Vernon, BC and set out in our Airstream.  Our first destination was Astoria on the north end of the Oregon coast (also the home of the classic adventure movie, the Goonies).IMG_3878



In typical Dueck fashion we of course left a little later than planned, which left us with a week to travel about 2300kms with our destination being Lake Tahoe.  No problem right?? Well we did it but as you may have noticed I didn’t use the word relaxing to describe the trip, hehehe.

Our first week as nomads I would have to give us a C- for preparation and an A+ for determination.  The lack of planning on our part left us hauling arse from one stop to the next.  Typically we’d arrive at our campsite late afternoon, set up, make dinner, put Nova to bed and plan where our next day would take us.

It was a little stressful at times, climaxing with Josh’s fever which left him immobile for 36 hours. We did however get out every morning for a little exploration before making tracks.

The Oregon coast lived up to its mystical reputation and will certainly be a leg of our trip that we will revisit when we have more time.JLN_0697

  • Did we love the Oregon coast – YES
  • Did we have great weather – YES
  • Did we meet any rad new people – YES
  • Is the price of gas & camping fees crazy  – YES
  • Do we have a lot to learn – YES
  • Did we pack too much – Maybe
  • Do we have any regrets – NO


– The Duecks


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