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November 15, 2015, In: California, Culture, Parks, USA

From the southern most point of the California Coast, we turned and started our way back north. Our target, San Francisco. Rather than tracing our footsteps back up the coast, we ventured inland to check out three iconic national parks — Joshua Tree, Sequoia and Yosemite.  IMG_9495 First stop | Joshua TreeIMG_9498Being mountain folk, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we first entered the desert.  It is beautiful, magical and bustling with lots of people taking it in, which made it a real challenge to find a place to park.  Once we found our little piece of paradise (after getting turned around in some pretty narrow and dicey spots), we set forth to take in as much of the park as we could.  IMG_9545IMG_9578IMG_5421JLN_1029 IMG_9651 IMG_9761From Jtree we ventured to find the infamous General Sherman, the worlds largest tree. Tucked away nicely in Sequoia National ParkIMG_9856IMG_9864IMG_9876IMG_9831JLN_1115Our third stop | Yosemite National ParkJLN_1186 IMG_9922 JLN_1153 IMG_9898 IMG_9892 IMG_9880If you have yet to see some of the incredible US National Parks, perhaps now is the time. Words do not give justice to the feeling of peace and connection that vibrate through these sacred spaces, that is unless you are John Muir 


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