June 2, 2015, In: Hawaii, USA

Aloha – not just a saying – it is a way of life.

High Fives Foundation#Hi5theWAVE was  back at again, this time around we were based in the town of Haiku, Maui. With an amazing crew of volunteers, waterman and filmers we all set out to explore the island in search for some perfect waves, quiet beaches and mellow vibes.High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.With Master Nova as our fearless leader and guide, we quickly sank into the purpose of our trip and started charging the waves and sinking into our soul therapy sessions, with mother @staywild_studiosHigh Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.When it comes to riding a WaveSki – legendary paddler, surfer and adventurer extraordinaire –  Grant Korgan is the man.  In my life I have never seen anyone so connected to an element.  It was like he was always three steps ahead of the game (pretty good for a guy who can barely walk).High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.Watching Grant shred and spending some time on the water with him was a real treat.  My surf game before was, well, pretty sad.  One week with Grant was equivalent to five years of progression, had I been learning to surf on my own.  Incredibly grateful for people like Grant.

After our daily shred we’d find someplace nice to stretch and ground out after an amazing day chasing waves.  A HUGE THANK YOU to our friends at lululemon for hooking our group up with all the finest yoga gear and a rad yoga teacher to guide us on our physical journey.
High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.

High Fives Adaptive Surf Trip to Maui.Positive vibes to those who made this trip such an incredible success (photoLOVE: @staywild_studios // & @bjarnesalen //


Aloha –

– The Duecks



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