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The concept is simple; live adventurously as a young family. In May 2015, the three of us – Lacey, Nova and myself – moved into our 25ft Airstream travel trailer and will hit the road in search of adventure, community, rad people and tasty meals.

Conventional living has never appealed to us, so after Josh retired from the Canadian Ski Team (in 2014) we decided to do something totally radical and depart from life as we know it, leave our comfort zone and move into a world of unknown.


To expand our perception of the world around us and to be inspired by the raw beauty of our planet and the people that inhabit it. In turn we hope to inspire others through story and photo to fully embrace #thisamazinglife


To take full advantage of this amazing life; to share with others our curiosity of movement through a variety of sport, yoga and personal exploration.  To build strength for our next BIG adventure(s) deep in the mountains, by the sea or someplace in between.

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A momma bear at heart, a lover of good food and an insatiable appetite for the outdoors has led me down many a great path.  When I was 19 years old my good friend (now husband) sustained a spinal cord injury, without knowing why I dropped everything in my life to be by his side at the hospital.  I had no idea then that he’d become my husband and the father of our little lady ~ Nova. My passion in life has always been based around sport, health and nutrition and I have been fortunate enough to be able to dedicate much of my life to these goals.  Most of my time is spent kicking Josh’s ass into shape; or helping him recovery physically and mentally from his demanding schedule.  When I am not doing that I love teaching yoga, hanging with my family & friends and creating yummy meals.

Wings for Life World Run ambassador Josh Dueck poses for a potrait at Silver Star Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC, Canada on February 6th, 2015.Josh

Father, husband, skier, adventurer and keynote speaker.   

Always one for the outdoors, I am pretty much game for any adventure; which is perhaps what got me into so much trouble as a kid.  In 2004, a stunt on skis gone wrong left me paralyzed from the waist down.  Ironically paralysis opened my eyes to a wonderful world of possibility.  Together with my special lady, charged by love; we embraced life's challenges and moved forward in life with a very playful approach. 11 years later, 2 Paralympic Games (Vancouver & Sochi), 1 total flip out and countless amazing ski stories later, I found myself looking for a new kind of adventure, and HERE WE ARE.



My name is Nova.  I am two years old.  That is what I can say. My parents will fill you in on the rest - but if it was up to me I would say that I am quite sassy, full of spirit and game for any adventure that comes our way.  The ocean makes my heart smile and the mountains excite me.  Everything is new and exciting | LIFE IS AMAZING!!